Why MasterFilter?

Replacing or changing oils used on any oil dependent machinery / rotating equipment is expensive and time consuming. In some industries such as mining, energy and high-volume manufacturing and on particular machinery it can also be dangerous and expensive!

Maximising oil’s working efficiency increases mechanical reliability, reduces servicing procedures to a minimum and saves time and expense.

MasterFilter technology ensures both oil and equipment remain clean and free from:

  1. Environmentally generated contamination such as water
  2. Internal contaminants such as from damaged components

Using MasterFilter technology leads engineering maintenance to a new level and is ideal for companies looking for extended performance results.

There are so many reasons why you will love MasterFilter:

  • Easy to install both on and off-line
  • Easy to make servicing a non-shutdown operation
  • Non spill fast turn-around servicing
  • Captured debris visible during servicing
  • No need to waste time doing jobs that are no longer required
  • Introduces a more efficient workplace maintenance environment
  • An oil management system that filters oil and preserves equipment
  • Frees up maintenance funds to use elsewhere
  • Saves on labour and time
  • Fast return on outlay
  • Perfect for preserving ageing machinery with reliability

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